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How to Write Personal Statements

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If this is the case you many not want to mention either of the subjects by name, and instead talk about the related work that you've already done and why you have enjoyed it.

If your subjects are totally unrelated there is no way you wan write a personal statement that will cover all of them.

Instead you need to come up with a statement that gives you the best chance of being accepted.

For example, if you are applying for one subject at four of your university choices and another subject at the other two, you may just want to write a statement related to the subject you chose to study at four universities and either forget about, or change the course, at your other two choices.

You also want to consider your predicted grades in relation to the universities you are applying to.

Universities that normally make lower offers are less likely to be concerned about a badly targeted personal statement, whereas for universities that make high offers, the personal statement will be much more important.

Try and alter your personal statement so it is more specific to the universities asking for higher grades, as this will give you the best chance of being offered places at all your choices.

There will probably be some cases where there is nothing you can do, for example, if you are applying for three totally unrelated subjects, each at two different universities.

There is no advice that will help in a situation like this, except just to consider whether this is really what you want to do, and that you may be seriously reducing your chances of being offered a place on your chosen courses.

How to write a personal statement that catapults you on to your chosen course ..

Generally, personal statements are quite specific so if you decide to change the course you are applying for you would need to rewrite your personal statement.

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However, even if you’re still stuck, you should have seen lots of statements you like, as well as a few that you don't.

Use this knowledge to decide how you are going to write your personal statement.

From the personal statements you have just read through, you may have gathered the following guidelines:There is no easy way to write a personal statement for two unrelated subjects.

If the subjects are similar, such as and Statistics, or and , you may find you can write a general personal statement that applies equally to both courses.When you write a personal statement, make sure to focus on the place where you are applying. For example, you should look at Maryland Sea Grant’s REU website to get an idea of what other students have done in our program. Using this information, please mention in your essay what mentors and topics are of primary and secondary interest to you.