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The University of Central Florida has in order to get a handle on the multiple reports of hazing and alcohol abuse among frats, and that so, as the school puts it, "Greek culture reflects the values of the UCF Creed."

The UCF Parent and Family Fund Grant sponsors the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities to make the UCF Creed Art Initiative possible.

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The 2015 Creed Art Contest will be held until Friday, where students can submit original 2-D and 3-D artwork that illustrates the UCF Creed — Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity or Excellence.

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Nominated by students, Dr. Samsam was chosen by a committee of university officials for honoring “learning as a fundamental purpose in the UCF community,” according to the UCF Creed. He has received multiple awards for teaching, including the Golden Apple Excellence in Teaching Award and Professor of the Year from the UCF American Medical Student Association (AMSA) for eight years in a row.

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