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On March 2, 9 and 16 the selected authors for the This I Believe essay program read their essays in front of the Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise. They were awarded a 100 dollar scholarship as well.

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9) Publishing & Reflection: Students published the This I Believe essays to their blogs - This allows for students to comment on and read each other's blog posts and share their work. It becomes a great time for reflection to see how each student approached the challenge of explaining their belief in a different way.

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6) Modeling: I have my own This I Believe essay that I am crafting along with them. I model for them how I structure my essay (using short paragraphs) and how I incorporate “Show Don’t Tell." I find a place in my own essay to expand sensory imagery and show them my thinking process by writing in front of them.: This is my This I Believe Essay written during Writer's Stylus about Aspen, my bulldog. There is no "I Believe" statement because I decided to remove it at late stages of editing.8) Audio Recording: Since the original This I Believe essays are broadcast on the radio, I wanted to add an audio element to this essay. We have a classroom set of Chromebooks, and I needed a web based tool where students could record the essays, so I found ! I contacted them on twitter, and once I let them know I was an educator, they extended the audio length to 30 minutes instead of three minutes. Bingo! Bonus: Students can also do this on their cell phones using the Audioboo app. I had students record the essays, and then use the embed code to paste the recording into their blog posts. Just like the examples we read for the mentor texts.This video is meant to introduce the This I Believe essay you will be writing in my class. Please remember that this brief introduction does not replace the assignment screens that you should be working through to write your essay. Check the calendar regularly to make sure you're on track in your essay development.
Note: I have custom-made Closed Captioning for this video; enable this feature when watching the video should you like to read captions.· Keep positive and personal tone. This I Believe essay must be personal and you need to use the words such as I, my, mine, me, myself, etc. It is highly recommended to keep the tone of the essay optimistic as positive essays are more pleasant to read than negative ones.