- I expect to learn what can be the possible reasons why is their a debate over utilitarianism.

1. What is the debate over utilitarianism all about?

I expect to learn facts, theories, claims that James Rachels will talk about in The Debate Over Utilitarianism and how can it be applied in such situation.

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I've made only minimal changes to this chapter. I've eliminated two block-quotes by Mill, on the bottom of p. 92 and the top of p. 93 (4/e). The one on p. 93 is especially hard to understand (I don't know which is more surprising: that Mill wrote it, or that Jim quoted it!). I've replaced each quotation with a single sentence that conveys the same thought. (5/e, 90)"The Debate Over Utilitarianism" (ch. 8 in 4/e; ch. 7 in 5/e)

The Debate Over Utilitarianism The Resiliance of the Theory Classical Utilitarianism

PPPS. This debate reminds me a bit about the debate over utilitarianism. Some anti-utilitarians believe the world would be a happier place if we abandoned utilitarianism. Some NGDP opponents believe NGDP would grow at a more stable rate if central banks targeted something other than NGDP.

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