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So to combat showrooming Best Buy went head to head with it and Best Buy spent millions of dollars coming up with an advertising campaign that invited shoppers into their giant neighborhood showrooms. Once the shoppers arrived it would be the task of the Best Buy blue shirts to turn that foot traffic into actual sales. Best Buy started offering price matching, even with online competitors, to help with those conversions.

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This clearly is the death of showrooming at Best Buy. It never was near the problem it was made out to be, but now the concept verges on ludicrous. We also wonder over time, if Amazon wants too, or if Best Buy would partner with them to help drive consumers into their ecosystem. As a direct competitor, we think it is a bad idea for Best Buy, but they have continued to sell the Kindle as they maintain their agnostic approach to brands.

Citation: Teixeira, Thales, and Matthew G. Preble.

According to a new survey from the folks at Harris Interactive, 23% of respondents who said they had showroomed listed Best Buy as the bricks-and-mortar store they most frequently showroomed at (not do be confused with “shroomed” at, as that’s a completely different audio/visual experience). Walmart was #2 on that list, with 21% of respondents saying Big W was the place they did the most showrooming. Target, the only other retailer in double-digit percentages, was third with 12%.

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