Should Rich Countries Help the Poor Countries

should rich countries help the poor countries

Should Rich Countries Help Poor Countries? - Debates

Hi ZAIN!!!
Yes i do agree with you that rich countries should help poor countries. It's part of their duty to help those in need. It both looks the country look better so that more people can come to it. But like you said, comes all those barriers. Money is one of those huge issues. Debt. Transportation. All these factors that makes helping these countries difficult. But the least we can do is what you are doing right now. Educating the people on ways we can help, at least let them know. Good job Zain.
-IAN :D ^.^ -.- =.= :/ :$ xD

Should Rich Countries Help Poor Countries

Rich countries help poor countries essays - Harvard University

Yes i think rich countrys should help poor countries because everyone should be treated equally and that isnt happening. All food should be split between countrys but the problem with thast is that there are countrys that are far away so its nearly impossible to get food that is still good to them. And helping them with sanitatin like the video we seen about that place in kenya its hard to support them . But at least we should make a effort to support countries like that

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I totally agree with you rich countries should help out poor countries because alot of people are in poverty and they need medical care because there dieing of dieses. I also think we should help out because we have extra money that we could give them.

So in conclusion i agree with you rich countries should help out poor countries.

Arshvinder =.= ^.^ -.- :Pi think the rich countries should help the poor countries like food houses bathroom for each house money clean water and other things the poor would need i think that the rich should help the poor

khoder Name Professor Subject Date Should Rich Countries help Poor Countries ? Today ‘s modern society is characterized by globalization making every nation closer to each other . Aside from the international relationship that formed among countries , globalization also helps in the economic development of members . However , billions of people are still living in poverty and there is an existing gap between the lifestyle of the rich and poor countries . There are many reasons on why rich countries should help the poor nations . First , due to humanitarian reasons . There are countries that suffer famine , drought and war and other people think that it is their moral and social duty to help the people suffering from such situations (“Should Rich Countries help the Poorer Ones . Second , every economy is dependent on others . If the rich countries will not help the poor countries , the global economy will face a dilemma in terms of exports as the rich countries are dependent on the raw materials coming from the poor and underdeveloped nations . Lastly , most poor nations have weak and inexperience government and leadership . The poor countries need the help of the rich and experienced countries to manage the nation effectively . On the other hand , helping poor countries is a form of charity . Many poor countries are exploited and abused by the rich nations . Many rich countries help poor countries for political and economic reasons . Rich countries would like to maintain dependency of the poor countries to build an alliance of nations to show their dominance . The…I agree that rich countries should help poor countries because it is the right thing to do in our opinion. If we were rich we would donate like about $5,000 to people and countries that need help. We mean think about it if we lived in a poor countrie we would want the rich countres to help me and my family. so when it comes to stuff like this to get the answer for what your opinion is, just put your self in someone elses shoes.!!!

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