Glad you liked the post about respecting the elderly 🙂

B. Frustrate younger people (Why you should respect the elderly, 2013)

Glad you liked the post on the ways of respecting the elderly 🙂

Absolutely! It’s rightfully said – start them young. And only when parents instill these qualities of respecting the elders will the children carry it forward.

I’ve even heard of people not respecting the elderly – especially the young generation nowadays.

Nice to know that you liked the post on respecting the elderly 🙂

Today most of us have the opportunity to practice the Scripture text. It may be a parent or family member that we honor. It may be a dear friend. Perhaps there are shut-ins in your congregation who need a visit, a card, or a phone call. If you can’t visit why not call them and pray with them over the phone. How are you showing respect for the elderly in your setting? I want God to keep me mindful of this group of people who often feel pushed aside and replaced by the more active, youth-oriented activities of the day. Let’s choose to obey His Word by practicing honor and respect for the elderly. Let us rise for them in their presence and pray for them in their absence.

How can you do that, you might ask? Well, begin by just respecting the elderly for starters!

Respect for the elderly is very important and Godly and part of discipling our children should be to teach them to respect the elderly even if they are not related to them.

Respecting the elderly doesn’t mean just to limit it to love and kindness.

Islam teaches us to respect the elderly whether they are parents, relatives or any old persons. The word elderly has been used in the Qur'an to mean: Shaikh, Kabeer, 'Ajooz, Arzalil 'Umur, Kibar, etc.We are informed that any young person who respects the elderly, is to be respected when he becomes old. In one Hadith, the following is reported:In all these cases we are taught as Muslims, that we should respect the elderly even if they are senile. Our respect to the elderly is more confirmed toward our parents. In Surah Al-Isra' (Night Journey), Allah says to us:I hope and pray that we Muslims should do our best to respect the elderly and especially our parents. It is a bad habit to send our elderly to senior citizen homes. It is also bad to get rid of our parents and send them to nursing homes. The presence of our parents in our own houses is a blessing from Allah (swt). Their presence will bring peace, happiness, concord, tranquility, mercy and reward from Allah. We should try our best to request our parents to stay with us at our own houses so as to receive the blessings of Allah. We should give a good example to the non-Muslim to do the same with their parents. If we take the initiative and practice this good habit in the American society, we will establish a better society where there is no generation gap. There won't be animosity between the young generation towards the elderly. Instead, there will be kindness, respect, sympathy, concern, and love toward one another. We feel sorry for the elderly who are living in nursing homes, that they are not wanted in the society, that they are deserted, and that arson is committed on them to get rid of them. Poor are the elderly in this society! Many of them are being attack while walking on the streets, robbed and killed. Others are killed while asleep in the nursing homes. Still others are strangled for no reason.In another place, our beloved Prophet (pbuh) denounces the young if they don't respect the elderly in as much as the elderly are denounced if they don't have mercy on the young. the Hadith is as follows:The first daily verse is a powerful principle so neglected in an age when youth is glorified and the elderly in many cases are essentially warehoused: “Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD.”We normally associate the Christmas story with youthfulness, properly focusing on a young couple and a newborn baby. However, at least four named older people have a prominent role in the Christmas story. The first two were Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth, parents of John who was cousin to Jesus. There were also Simeon and Anna, present at the infant Christ’s dedication. I feel this is significant. In my lifetime I have seen an observable lowering of esteem, honor and respect to the elderly. We’re troubled at how far this will go and what impact it will have on the inevitable future generation of elderly to which we are progressing toward.Why begin a Conference on the elderly with a paper on `Human dignity and respect for the elderly'? For a variety of reasons there is a widespread questioning in our society of what respect for the elderly requires, and even a questioning of whether certain sections of the elderly population are owed any respect at all. By respect in this context I mean, at a minimum, recognition of basic human rights. In view of this questioning the position of many elderly people in Western societies has become distinctly precarious. There is a need to reflect on this situation, to identify its roots, and to see at least in broad terms what response to it is called for. Respect for the elderly seems to be one of the many elements we’re losing as we slide farther and farther away from Biblical truth. The last phrase of the sentence and how it relates to the first two phrases especially intrigues me. It seems to me that they are interrelated. By honoring the elderly I am showing reverence for God.The experiment focuses on the recent study by Professor Luke Gormally about the dignity and respect for the elderly. This study aims to know about the prudence and care of the teenagers in elderly people. This will determine whether prudence of younger female and male is still manifest in our society. The researcher used field observation. And the result was the male still has the prudence to help elderly people. INTROCUCTION