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My boss is seldom in the office, often attending off-site meetings. When meetings are scheduled for supervision etc. with myself and other staff, we are always pre-empted by an off-site meeting. Is it appropriate to give my written resignation via email?

The manager at the next level above my boss is also supposed to receive the resignation letter. This person's office is at another location in the city. Is it appropriate to send the resignation letter to this person via email also?

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Can I send in my letter of resignation via email

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It was reported that Nulty did try to tender his resignation via email to the office of the Ceann Comhairle earlier in the week, but was told he must do it in a letter which was sent and received by the office of Seán Barrett on Monday.

Do you guys think its unprofessional to submit resignation letter via email or do you think it should be done in person?

I have a friend who has always submitted her resignations via email and doesn't see a problem with it... even with jobs that she has worked at for a long time. The last several employers that she's had since I've known her did little to nothing to "see her off" and I'm starting to wonder if it's because of her method of giving notice.

We write a resignation letter, .. In five business days you will receive your resignation letter via email as a MS Word document for your review.