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'A Good Man is Hard to Find' and 'Young Goodman Brown' are both stories that convey irony, theme, and symbolism. The irony in A Good Man is Hard to Find is that the grandmother reads about the Misfit in the newspaper and tries to stop the family from driving to Florida because she wants to go to Tennessee. ... After her whole family is murdered she continues on with her rant. The irony is that she seeks to save the Misfit and save her own life. ... The theme of A Good Man is Hard to Find can be described as the realization that there are no real pleasures in life and...

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, Flannery O ' Connor is generally regarded as great writer . Of course her success as a writer is not without basis this has definitely something to do with her writing style . In her 1955 masterpiece , also one of her best known work , A Good Man is Hard to Find , she had displayed tremendous control over a highly-regarded writing device , irony . In many respects , Flannery O ' Connor 's use of irony in A Good Man is Hard to Find ' is very evident , therefore not hard to findBut before we traverse further in the exploration of the , perhaps a quick review of the definition of the word irony ' would be of some help . A set definition of irony would give us a guided trajectory and would likely keep this intact . The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary provides a very useful definition for this discussion . The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines the term irony ' as the use of words as an expression of something other than the literal meaning oftentimes the opposite meaning (The Merriam-Webster Online DictionaryEven from the tile alone , Flannery O ' Connor 's exceptional use of irony is immediately suggested . Although it appears that the title A Good Man is Hard to Find ' would like to communicate to the readers that finding a good ' man would be difficult , the author may have wanted to tell us the opposite . It would be easy for us to find a good man , it is just a matter of outlook . The negative outlook in life is best expressed by the character of the grandmother , who is arguably selfish all throughout the course of the narrativeThe dilemma that had fueled the narrative also holds much irony . The plot of the A Good Man is Hard to Find ' was basically ignited by the grandmother 's refusal to agree with the family 's decision to go to Florida , instead she strongly suggested that they should go to Tennessee . As a ploy to make the family agree to her want to go to Tennessee , she then tells them that there is a criminal loose along the way to Florida (O ' Connor 56The author had used this particular event as a foreshadowing of the things to come , particularly the tension-filled meeting of the family with the Misfit , a cold-blooded killer . As the plot develops , the family , along with the grandmother would meet the Misfit . In some profound sense , the selfish lie that the grandmother uttered had become a bitter...

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