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Before writing the first word of your informative essay, ask yourself questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? They will help you to structure your essay. From the introduction the reader must find out the subject, so that they know what to expect. Last sentence(s) of the introduction will include the thesis statement. It must be clear and factual. As a rule, in the body of your informative you will support your thesis. There is a great variety of tools you can employ to prove your argument, such as: examples, facts, process analysis, references, expert opinions, etc. The conclusion looks back on the information presented in the essay, reminding the readers about its main point. A reader must have a clear idea of what they have just read. If you are not sure what is an informative essay or how to write an informative essay let a professional writer help you by .

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Look at past examination papers in different subject areas and consider the questions. The short sentences and three how to write an informative essays longer sentences. Yet by the assessor grades your essay.

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