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Gender inequality and discrimination can affect women in a greater extent than men. In the globalization process, gender differences in terms of decision making and participation should be taken into account in order to achieve gender equality. It is very important to have a systematic monitoring on gender impact to achieve the goals of companies without sacrificing gender capabilities. Studies on the effects of gender relations and globalization are well documented for us to analyze the perspective of globalization and its effects to women in terms of their economic and social functions. However, it is still very important to have further research to evaluate the impact of globalization on other aspects of life which can influence gender relations and issues.

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In conclusion, as globalization continuing progressed virtually in all countries during this century which caused by the efficiency of transportation, growth of technologies and making international trade and enterprise profitable .However, there are some effects from the globalization which apparently can be classified as positive effects and negative effects. The negative effects of globalization are corruption of a nation and polluting countries by producing chemical waste and air pollution. Meanwhile, spread of education throughout world is one of the positive side of globalization. Thus, the international community should endeavou r by strengthening the international financial system, through trade and aid to help the poorest countries integrate into the world of economy so that allows them to grow more rapidly and cut down the poverty in that particularly country. By this way, all people from all countries have a chance to gain benefits from the globalization process. Finally, people should realise that although we can identify and analyse the process of globalization, we should not imagine that this process of globalization will go on forever and that this process is irreversible.

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This phenomenon is spreading in the world and it allows individuals to collaborate with each other and because of this collaboration individuals, societies and economies are benefitting from it in both the short and the long run. It stresses on the core principles of international understanding and customers have more choice because of that (Stiglitz, 2007). Customers can attain quality goods at a cheaper rate and because of this their purchasing power is enhancing. Although globalization possess certain negatives but on a broader scale the positives of globalization are more than its negatives.

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