numerous studies have tested the effects of violent video games.

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In the short term, it’s fairly easy to measure the effects of violent video games: set a group of people down, have them play a violent or nonviolent game, then measure the results. A slew of studies have found that in comparison to nonviolent or prosocial video games, violent games feelings of and , the player to violence, and the player’s perception of what constitutes violence.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study provides the first experimental evidence that the negative effects of playing violent video games can accumulate over time.

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In conclusion this study has identified that increases in aggression are not more pronounced when playing a violent video game online in comparison to playing a neutral video game online. This is an important finding in relation to the growing online community and popularity of violent video games, specifically FPSs, and the potential for subsequent increases in aggression. We think there should be concern about the harmful effects of playing violent video games but it appears that playing the game online does not further exacerbate these effects.

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“It’s important to know the long-term causal effects of violent video games, because so many young people regularly play these games,” Bushman said.In order to test the "real life" effect of violent video games exposure the authors haven't used actual real life violence but short video clips of real life violence. After the participants played the games they were shown "a 10-min videotape of real violence in four contexts: courtroom outbursts, police confrontations, shootings, and prison fights. These were actual violent episodes (not Hollywood reproductions) selected from TV programs and commercially released films. In one scene, for example, two prisoners repeatedly stab another prisoner."“Up to now, studies of video games have focused primarily on their effects on aggression and violent behaviors,” says the Geisel School of Medicine’s , study co-author and the Scott M. and Lisa G. Stuart Professor in Pediatric Oncology and co-director of the Cancer Control Research Program at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. “This study is important because it is the first to suggest that possible effects of violent video games go well beyond violence to apply to substance use, risky driving, and risk-taking sexual behavior.”Research shows that playing violent video games can induce a feeling of guilt that leads to increased prosocial behavior (positive actions that benefit others) in the real world. Another study published in discovered that youths exposed to violence in action games displayed more prosocial behavior and civic engagement, "possibly due to the team-oriented multiplayer options in many of these games." In a 2013 peer-reviewed study published in , "Three experiments failed to find a detrimental effect of violent video games on prosocial behavior [positive actions taken to benefit others], despite using contemporary and classic games, delayed and immediate test-phases, and short and long exposures." Researchers have shown that playing video games also results in increased moral sensitivity. The linking of violent video games to actual violence seems to be the topic these days and a few days ago, a survey has that 75% of parents think that violent video games actually leads to real violence in their children. In fact it has recently been proposed that a sales tax be imposed on games deemed to be violent, perhaps in a bid to discourage sales. Now it seems that in a recent press announcement by President Barack Obama, he has revealed that he has tasked the Center for Disease Control to study the causes of violent behavior, and that Congress should look into researching the effects of violent video games on young minds. President Obama did not specifically target video games in his press announcement, but it was mentioned as part of the study nonetheless. A funding of $10 million is expected to be allocated by Congress. It should be noted that in the past, research has already been conducted on the link between violent video games and actual violence, but the researchers at that time concluded that there was no link. Perhaps with the $10 million budget, additional research can be carried out which will hopefully result in a more conclusive decision.