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Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content

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old 13. dirty 14. interesting 15. huge 16. mysterious 17. noisy 18. scary 19. historical 20. narrow 10 metaphors to describe a place. 1. point of no return 2. slippery slope 3. ground zero 4. crossroads 5. elephant’s graveyard 6. rabbit hole 7. fork in the road 8. grey area 9. plateau effect 10. mother lode 10 similes to describe a place. 1. as big as a castle 2. as far apart as the poles 3. as ancient as the sun 4. as bright as a day 5. as narrow as a hole 6. as noisy as the market 7. as broad as Heaven’s expanse 8. as rough as a cob 9. as ugly as mud fence 10. as red as a gobbler’s snout

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Hi Simon,
The topic asks about describing a place that you have studied or worked.
I will talk about a building that I used to work. But what tense should I use? It's in the past but the building still is there.
For example:
-The building is surrounded by small gardens and a boulevard. (is or was?)
-This office is the headquarter of the company (is or was?)
- My company provides mobile services nationwide. (provides or provided)
I talk about the past but all above ideas are still true.
Please help...

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Hello Simon,
Can you please tell me the answer to this question
If Part 2 in speaking test requires " Describe a place that you visited", so which tense of verbs we should use? past or present?
Thank you very much.

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