Graduate School and College Application Essay Coaching

Graduate School and College Application Essay Coaching

Confessions of a College Application Essay Coach

Your private college essay coach will provide
personalized, one-to-one instruction focused on
your child's specific essay. They'll brainstorm
topics, develop drafts, and produce a final essay
that shines!

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College Essay Coach : The Outline

College Essay Coach was founded by Margo Bartsch, an experienced marketing professional and college educator. Margo's writing philosophy is that whether in marketing or in essay writing, the story must have a compelling theme and organizational structure. This big idea differentiates the student (or brand) and connects with the reader (or consumer). She works one-on-one with students either at her office in Shelburne, Vermont or with out-of-state clients on conference calls.

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The college application process takes time, preparation, and creativity. After seeing too many high school students and their families struggle with the personal essay, I founded College Essay Coaching to help.

My experience as a professional writer and educator can provide guidance and perspective to the dizzying demands and process of college application essays. With coaching, students learn to approach the writing process as a sane, step-by-step undertaking and emerge from their college essay writing experience as more confident writers.

First-person writing is rarely taught in high school English, yet
26% percent of admissions officers deemed the personal essay
"of considerable importance" in admissions decisions according to a 2009 survey by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling. I believe that bright, motivated students can craft great essays. And the difference between a good essay and a great one might just turn a "maybe" into a "yes.

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